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Best Selling Dishes

Mixed Bento

Deep fried salmon and chicken with spicy sauce and mayonnaise served with edamame salad, crabstick and fried fish cake.

Oyako Don

Rice with chicken, egg and onions. 579 Kcal

California Maki

Crabstick, omelette, flying fish roe, cucumber and mayonnaise. 122 Kcal

Piri Piri Chicken Set

Deep fried chicken and vegetables with spicy sauce and mayonnaise. 932 Kcal

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What's on Sushi King's menu today?

There are wide variety of sushi and as its popularity grows, we find Western variation of it such as Uramaki, California sushi roll etc. In Malaysia, Sushi King is one of the popular restaurants that serve wide variety of Japanese food. But, actually, what's sushi? A sushi is made with rice and vinegar along with different seafood like Nori, vegetables, meat and sometimes fruits too

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You are sure to get the best of Japanese food from this restaurant. Sushi family or party pack can be ordered for more than 2 people. From crabsticks, prawns to seasoned baby octopus, this family pack will let you taste all different types of sushi. The healthy seafood Salmon is served as Salmon Lover bento. The creative bento set has many varieties as well such as Tori Khomi bento, Unagi Tempura bento or Sushi King Bento. In Asian food, it is very common to find dishes served with rice and if you are fond of rice too Donburi is what you should try. Premium Una Don, rice with grilled eel or Salmon Tobikko don is really tasty. A crispier choice in Donburi is Ebi Ten Don which is rice served with prawn and vegetables tempura. You can also find a fusion of Western food in Sushi King Malaysia. Order from Sushi King in Penang, Kuala Lumpur or Petaling Jaya.